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This website was made in memory of Christine, the woman who built a small empire from nothing in 1989 and who transformed herself from a Café-bar woman to a successful businesswoman.

She started out with a simple offer which could have led to losing everything she had, but she was more than courageous and never gave up. She was always the first to try something new. It was very hard for her to start off because she knew nothing about the business world. In fact her first beture was simply to go to a salon with just a Silk therapy! But she never give up, from a death stock to a full one. She started alone with no one to help her, toiling away in the sun or rain: nothing in this world stopped her, and she kept going until she raised a business to where it is now.

Christina was a hard-working person, a hard-headed person, and a very determined person and she did everything for her only daughter Caricia. Her wish was that someday she would meet the founder of the company Farouk Shami and in 2006 her wish came true. She met Farouk at a Cancun Conference - a wonderful experience for her, which she told everyone about when she came back.

Life was very hard for Christine but her philosophy was always: "This Life is hard but when we are near our Saviour we will be free. People close to you will hurt you. When you fall always get back on your feet again and always live day by day and treasure people because you don’t know if tomorrow will ever come." Christine is now free from this world and is near her Saviour where nobody can ever touch her. She is now watching over all of us. We all can say that we truly miss her. From up there, she is smiling to her daughter Caricia who she always knew would make her very proud and who would continue her business although she never wanted it. She looks down kindly also on Her brother James, who was always there for her and always stuck his neck out for her. Together, Carica and James are now managing the Company which Christine created.

Neither daughter nor her brother ever imagined that they would be managing this company but it’s a very precious thing for them because it was hers. And they treasure everything that was hers with their life. She now watches over them and guides them through this path in life.


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