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Rose Hip
CHI Tea Tree Oil
CHI Argan
Farouk Royal Treatment
CHI Keratin
Thermal Styling
Power Plus
CHI Iron Guard
CHI Transformation
CHI Infra Colour
Blondest Blonde
Traveling Kit
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Kardashian Dryer
Designer Chameleon
Ionic Hair Dryer
Frosted White
Ionic Hair Dryer

Small Ceramic Curling Iron
Medium Ceramic Curling Iron
Large Ceramic Curling Iron

CHI limited edition
Ceramic Iron
CHI Nano Digital
Ceramic Iron
Ceramic Volumiser Iron

Biosilk Flat Iron
Automated Rotating Curler
Escape Cordless iron

Kardashian 3 in 1 Iron
Kardashian Iron
9 row Styling brush

Detangling brush
Small Paddle brush
Styling brush

Large Paddle brush
Vent brush

Double Sided vent
Porcelain brush size 1
Porcelain brush size 2

Porcelain brush size 3
Porcelain brush size 4
Ceramic Nylon Bristle brushes

Ceramic Nylon Stylist pack
Round Ceramic brushes
Kardashian Medium
Round Brush

Kardashian Large Round Brush
Kardashian Metal Pin
Paddle Brush
Kardashian Nylon & Boar
Paddle Brush

Kardashian Back Comb

Carbon comb 1

Carbon comb 2

Carbon comb 3
Carbon comb 4
Carbon comb 5

Carbon comb 6

Carbon comb 7
Carbon comb 8

Carbon comb 9
Ionic comb 1
Ionic comb 2

Ionic comb 3
Ionic comb 4
Ionic comb 5

Ionic comb 6
 Ionic comb 7
 Ionic comb 8


 Ionic comb 9

 Ionic comb 10
 Ionic comb 11

 Ionic comb 12
 Ionic comb 13
 Ionic comb 14

 Silicone comb 1 
 Silicone comb 2
Silicone comb 3

Silicone comb 4
Silicone comb 5
Silicone comb 6

Silicone comb 7
Silicone comb 8
5.5 inch offset cutting shear

7 inch offset cutting shear
Texturising shear
Thinning shear

Foil platform Kit
CHI Pouch
2 in 1 Razor

Sungliz Lightening Single Bowl
 Single Tint Bowl
Double Tint Bowl
 Speed Weaving Caps
 Lightening Brushes
 Small Tint Brush
 Large Tint Brush
Weaving Hooks
Artist Fan Brushes
Red Cape with silver CHI
Silver Apron with red CHI
Black Cape with silver CHI

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